Registration Services

Registration Services

At Spellman Registration Services, we recognize that every event is different. Whether you are planning a meeting for 20 or a conference for 10,000+, our team will work with you every step of the way. We will determine with you not only the information you want to capture, but also work with you to design a product that you can be proud of.

Do you need a system that will allow your attendees to sign up for break-out sessions, activities or dine-arounds? Our inventory controlled system allows for up the minute updates, e-mail for low inventory, and wait listing if necessary.

Need a full blown website? Voila! We can customize with you a website that will get all the information you want to your participants.

Do you want to manage your own website and registrations, or would you like to have us do it? We give you the option of letting us manage your information, update your websites, e-mail your attendees, track your numbers and much, much more.

Choose any or all of the above. Our system is special in that we can give you all the options you need so that you can do your job and make for a great user experience.

Contact us with your needs and see what Spellman Registration Services can do for you!

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