How We Think

How We Think

We are not just in the group travel business; we are in the business of catering to a large number of individuals at the same time. The distinction may seem like word play, but it is not. The distinction is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy.

Every attendee is unique, with a different background, life experiences, age group and demographics, different nationality, different taste, different interests and expectations. We find it a great disservice to the attendees to assume that because most have a similar role in the company, they share the same tastes.

The common position taken by many planners is the incorrect belief that our guests can be lumped into the same socio-economic pile: Such a myopic view leads to rigidity and ultimately the planning of the travel program for an everyman that simply does not exist. It deprives the individual of the opportunity to enjoy aspects of the destination that he or she may not share with the planners.

We have a great opportunity in our art form to make people’s lives better and happier and this can only be accomplished by understanding the importance and worth of the individual. While each of our travel programs is different, they do have certain traits in common: Each trip is designed to produce a life experience for our clients and attendees that they could not duplicate on their own, regardless of budget. The components of each trip – the parties, the menus, tours and activities – are custom designed from the ground up to personalize the trip for the specific corporate culture and demographics of our clients and our guests. And each trip is designed to be a stunningly positive experience that our clients and guests will remember forever – like Dublin, Monte Carlo, the Baltic Cruise and Whistler, just to name a few of the top rated destinations that we designed and operated over the years.

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